Started Indie Publishing in 2011, Saved My Creative Life

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Started Indie Publishing in 2011, Saved My Creative Life

Perhaps the most interesting thing about me is that I grew up on the grounds of an insane asylum because my father was the institution's dentist and the state provided housing on the grounds of that then 1,500 patient mental hospital. First half of my adult career was newspaper journalism, second half in health care public relations. Been writing since my 20s but little success at getting published. I actually gave up writing several times, but found I was more miserable nor writing than I was not getting published. But then near retirement and still no publishing success I took up woodworking thinking I had to do something creative in retirement. I finally got an agent for one novel and a couple of editors at good houses encouraged the agent to urge me to self-published. So I plunged in and never looked back and found what I had always hoped to find. Readers who didn't know me from Adam but with whom my fiction really connected. I'm all over the genre map. Just promoted my smorgasbord on my current blog post. Easy to see everything there and one review for each work:
Building An Audience One Precious Reader At A Time
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Re: Started Indie Publishing in 2011, Saved My Creative Life

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