Shadows of Knight Book One of Dark Shadows a romantic suspense trilogy

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Book Description:
Sebastian is the tall, dark and very handsome CEO of Knight Enterprises. He’s haunted by a troubled past of his own making, or at least one he’s decided to take full responsibility over. According to him, it has sealed his fate, dooming him to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

That is, until she stumbles into his life quite literally, giving him the glimmer of hope, his run of bad luck, has finally come to an end.

Only problem is, she ends up becoming another victim . . .

Rachel is a feisty and independent redhead, who’s burning ambition is to become a successful and professional artist. From the moment she receives an invitation, offering her an exciting opportunity to further her career, and an all expenses trip overseas, she feels like she has just won the lottery.

Romantic, suspenseful and a little bit naughty, Shadows of Knight is the first book, in the trilogy Dark Shadows.

But, when tragedy strikes after Rachel's first week in Vancouver BC, is it fate that brings her  and Sebastian together, or is a dark secret hidden in the past, controlling them like pawns in a chess game?