Rodney C. Johnson: Science Fiction and Erotica Author

Posted by Shaitanshammer Shaitanshammer

I write pulp, without apology, where the heroes are larger than life, and the heroines are always stunningly gorgeous. While at the same time I seek to transcend that very same pulp-ish inclination with philosophical and metaphysical journeys meant to bring your mind to the edge of an abyss. This is fairly typical of those who play in my genre."  Rodney C. Johnson lives in Westbrook, Ct. with his beagle, Bentley. He enjoys reading and writing. He considers himself a “Foodie”. His love of Science Fiction was driven by Star Trek and Frank Herbert’s classic work DUNE. In his free time, Rodney C. Johnson collects Transformers, and Nerf blasters.

My Blog: Falcon's Krag. Lots of FREE reading there, short stories, and the like.