Registering and Logging In to IndieBoards

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Registering and Logging In to IndieBoards

Although integrated into the ReadIndies blog, IndieBoards is separate from BlogSpot. In the upper right corner of IndieBoards, you'll find Register and Login links:

Screenshot of IndieBoards

Click Login to login to IndieBoards using the email address and password you entered during registration.

Click Register to join IndieBoards. On the Register page, enter the following information:

        User Name - the name you will use on IndieBoards, such as John Green or John.

        Email - the email address to associate with your account. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.
       Password - the password you will use to login to IndieBoards.

Next, click the checkbox to confirm you read and agree to the Terms of Use and then type the code shown in the image.

Finally, click Register Now. When you receive the activation email from IndieBoards, click the link provided to activate your account.

-- ReadIndies hosted by Robert Stanek