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by AuthorStephanieSakal • | | 0 comments
Hiya :D I am Stephanie and I just started writing my first book a few months ago. It is called Catch a Vampire by the Fang, and it is ... Erotic Paranormal Romance ... if that's even a thing LOL. I am about 22k words in, and when it frustrates me, I write book 2, called Catch a Wizard by the more
by csmackey • | | 0 comments
Hello friends! My name is Cheryl and I'm an indie fantasy author. I work in the mortgage business by day and write after the kids go to bed xD I've got two books out right now and am editing/revising a third. My favorite style of music is trailer/epica music like Two Steps from Hell or more
by WesleyHigaki • | | 0 comments
Wesley Hisao Higaki is an author with an extensive background in computer software development. Drawing upon his experiences as a manager at Hewlett-Packard Company and Symantec Corporation, he presents intriguing stories about life in Silicon Valley. He just published his first fiction novel, more
by Jason Fort • | | 0 comments
Jason is the proud father of a 12 year old boy who aspires to be an officer in the US Air Force, and the husband of a supportive wife who teaches Math at a local college. He currently lives in Easley, SC, and was born and raised in Greenville SC. He has been everything from a PE teacher, to a more
by Chicki Brown • | | 0 comments
Hello everyone! I'm Chicki Brown, which believe it or not, is not really a pseudonym. It's the nickname my father gave me when I was two days old and my maiden name. I hail from New Jersey, but have made my home in Atlanta, Georgia since 1994. After an non-stellar career in corporate more
by RandyAttwood • | | 0 comments
I grew up on the grounds of Larned State Hospital, where my father was its dentist. That was interesting. I went to The University of Kansas during the tumultuous 1960s. That was interesting, too. For the first half of my adult career I worked in newspaper journalism. You couldn't call that more
by Izzibella Beau • | | 0 comments
Izzibella is an author and mother of 31. That would be 3 biological and 28 canine furbabies. She currently has four books out on Amazon, three in the Assumption Series and one on the newly released When Separate Worlds Collide series. Each of these books would be classified in the new adult, more
by Madison Keller • | | 0 comments
Madison Keller is from the area known in Utah as 'Happy Valley.' She is the oldest of nine kids. After college she bounced around Utah, Idaho, and Washington before settling in Seattle. Currently she shares a small apartment with two cats and a dog. Her full length novel, Flower's Fang, can more
by Mary Margaret Brown • | | 0 comments
Margaret Brown taught first grade for many years and later second grade. She dreamed all her life of being a writer and Gorillas: The Complete Guide is her very first book. As a former elementary school teacher, she knows what children like to read and how to present important facts in ways more
by Emily • | | 0 comments
Emily Asimov grew up with books. Libraries raised her. When she was ten, Emily discovered the writings of her grandfather and started dreaming of being a writer one day. She read every fantasy and science fiction book she could find. Although she never stopped writing, somewhere along the way more
by ReadIndies • | | 0 comments
A successful and prolific writer, Robert Stanek has produced more than 100 fiction and non-fiction books ranging from technical publications to young adult science-fiction fantasy novels over the last three decades. His career began in 1986 with the Keeper Martin’s Tale, his first fiction more
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