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I started to write then realized I'd done this a few times before.  So, since I have another job as well as this new job as 'author', I'm am sharing something from an interview I recently did.  


Author Bio
 I am a normal person - not a medical professional, not a meditation guru, not a yogi. I am a manager, artist and business owner and have worked in the fields of finance, travel, sales and marketing over my lifetime. I'm a native of South Florida and a resident, living here with my husband Mark, our beloved Siamese cats Mei Li and Mhysa, and our Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Sophie. My business is 10 years old and successful.

I've always been a spiritual person. I became a Reiki Master in 2001. I've been drawn to 'rocks' and crystals since I was a small child. I try to use natural and alternative therapies for health and wellness. I'm a FREAK about healthy food and organics. And as you may have guessed, I'm a firm believer that we are all responsible for our own wellness. Blaming others isn't an option.

At 52 years old, I found myself with too many extra pounds from two bad accidents that damaged my spine and limited my movement. I began to solve the problem medically, but the pounds were stubborn. While blood work and overall health improved drastically, the weight just stayed and stayed. I finally began to meditate and the pounds began to FALL OFF!

Who knew? Well, I know now! I can't recommend it enough! In my meditations, it came to me that I should be trying to help others who had the same problems. I know there are many of you out there, just like me. My website has before and after pics if you have an interest.

What inspires you to write?

 I am inspired by subjects that are fascinating to me, and by my own quest for knowledge and by my wish to share what I learn with others. I’m of the belief that when we stop learning, we’re dead. Thus I’m constantly learning and I’m constantly trying to improve my life, my spirituality, my heart, my home and myself.I’ve always been passionate about animals and animal rights and am considering at some point (it may not be the next book, but soon) to write about this subject and to highlight the plight of the wonderful beings on our planet who are the most downtrodden and the most abused – the animals.Another upcoming subject: The difficulty of navigating our current ‘western medical’ system and overcoming the roadblocks that are there for us thanks to government regulation and medical ‘professionals’ who participate in those road blocks that are counterintuitive to heal ing and wellness.
Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

As for this book, in a meditation with a facilitator, I was told by my guides that I should write and that I should teach. Since I have never been a writer nor a teacher, I was flummoxed by this. However, several months later, as my weight began to fall off with meditation, it became clear to me what I was to do: Write about it and teach others to do what I’d done. So, the answer? It came from my own life experience and my own discoveries.

Tell us about your writing process
 Being a new writer, this is a process that has developed on its' own. I did do a rough outline, but it changed daily, sometimes twice a day. As the book grew, the outline eventually became necessary just to keep the ideas organized.

I wrote 5 days a week. The first book just fell out of me. The organization of the material took longer than writing it. Since at the beginning of my work years I was an administrative assistant, I'm a VERY fast typist and familiar with word processing. I used some of the first word processors out there in the late 70's. My command of the English language and grammar is good, but I still desperately need all of the 'extras' that modern word processing offers (dictionary, spelling, etc.)

I'm also a geek and worked in computing very early, again in the late 70's. So the technology involved in formatting was not difficult for me. As a graphic designer, the cover design and art was my own and thus, it wasn't difficult for me either.

So, at the risk of sounding like it's 'too easy' based on the above, it really isn't. The hardest part is organizing my thoughts and establishing a flow. It's also important to realize that my audience may not have the same background as I've had so I always try to make the information approachable and try to keep it from being overly technical.

What advice would you give other writers?
 The only advice I received was from a friend who writes mystery novels: 12 pt, Times New Roman and double space. ;-)

However, I found that it's important to (1) recognize your audience and tailor the information to them. (2) Organize your information for logical flow. (3) Make it easy for the reader to glide through the pages. And finally, (4) add a dash of humor. My sense of humor is somewhat off-beat so I'm not sure everyone got it, but I tried.

How did you decide how to publish your books?

My friend who is a mystery novel writer recommended I start with Amazon's KDP for e-books and for the print version. He had been traditionally published many years back and had self-published and after his years of experience, he felt that the independent writing / publishing was the best way to go. I took him at his word.

I advise new authors to try to interview known authors for ideas. The writers I know are a very helpful, friendly bunch and always glad to give new ideas.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
While there's nothing like the feel of a solid book in your hands, for many, eBooks are the wave of the future. Where we live is known for small spaces and minimal storage. When I moved to this town 20 years ago, there was no way I could begin to shelve my book collection. As eBooks became more available, I began to cull the printed books and go to eBooks. However, there will always be a market, I feel, for beautiful photography books and detailed manuals, dictionaries, nature guides, and guides to all types of products and businesses.

The independent publishing offered by companies like Amazon made it possible for a first-time author like myself, to write professionally, present professionally, and print the book. It also allows me to keep the subject matter fresh, to update and change as new ideas arise.

As for book publishing in general, I can't imagine it going away! The world grows, people grow, and knowledge is power. There will always be a demand.

Book Genre(s) 
 health, wellness, weight loss, meditation, personal growth, metaphysical, and soon, nature and eco-matters.

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  • Both eBook and Print

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 Book Synopsis  (Pretty much, the back cover):  
Through the authors' personal journey, discover her secrets to finally dropping those unwanted pounds. This must-have book moves weight loss away from the gym and into the mind, body and spirit.

Her discovery? Even the most perfect diet and perfect medical test results didn't yield weight loss results without having the mind and spirit on board.

Suki S. Miller had picked up pounds after two major injuries and, of course, some 'happy eating.' After the first injury, the weight was gone in a year. But at age 38 at that time, it wasn't that difficult to lose.

However, some years later and after a year of 'happy eating' , followed by a devastating back injury making it difficult to engage in the same active lifestyle as before, the weight became stubborn.

After eight years of blood testing, addressing nutritional deficiencies, removing environmental toxins and removing food allergens, the scale barely budged. During this time, even consuming high quality, organic, non-GMO and nutritious foods, only a few pounds disappeared. Calories weren't a question since there weren't food cravings. Even with exercise, the stubborn weight wouldn't leave.

Yet, only two weeks after beginning a meditation regime, the weight began to fall off - a bit at first. And then in two more weeks, it began to fall away rapidly. During this time, there was no change in diet nor in activity levels.

The secret is re-setting your mental and spiritual self-image. What you believe and what your mind's eye sees will happen. Learn how to train your mind, your heart, your soul and of course, your body to embrace the new you and to make it happen.

The wonderful side effect? Joy, beauty, love and personal growth.

Learn how the author developed a personalized daily meditation program. From her experiences, you too can:

* Take control of your health and wellness.

* Build a foundation for life-long health and wellness

* Become your own healer

* Develop your own meditation program

* Set the stage for success with your meditation and your weight loss

* Meet and develop a personal relationship with your guides

* Meet the angels, archangels and spirit guides that can help you on your path

* Use meditation aids that will become second nature to you

* Develop your own visualizations and imagery to move that pesky fat OUT of your body

* Learn various meditation techniques to train your mind, spirit and body to drop those pounds

Also included:

* Learn to employ gratitude for overall happiness in your life

* Tips on various medical tests that can help you eliminate toxins and find nutritional gaps

* Learn how to add nutrients that are not being absorbed

* Information on the hormones that control your metabolism and how hormones can improve your quality of life

* Recipes for your own liposomal supplements

* Fascinating reading and viewing list of books and films that can enhance your life

You too can experience the same success, and can feel a new joy in life, a new lift in your step, and a new connection to yourself and your own path.

Targeted Age Group:
  12 - 65+

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