Meet Kathryn McMaster Crime Fiction Author

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Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?

I am a crime fiction author of stories based on fact and true events. I tend to only look at unsolved murders that took place on either side of the Atlantic during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. My writing genre allows me to bring together my love of History, Literature and Forensic Science.

I write for myself because it is something that drives me from deep within and so I am always thrilled and humbled when people read my books and like them. It never ceases to amaze and delight me. Creating my characters is the part I enjoy the most, because when you have facts and true events to work from, there is very little you can change or add to the story if you want the story to remain true.

"Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?" was my debut novel and was a best seller on the UK Amazon site. It is murder mystery based on the gruesome murder and mutilation of 8 year old John Gill from Bradford, England in 1888.

I currently live on 15 acres in the beautiful Casentino Valley, Italy and when I am not writing I look after a small flock of Finnsheep and Angora goats.