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I've been reading post apocalyptic fiction and zombie apocalypse stories since I was a teenager. Only recently, after twenty years of an IT career, did I wake up one day and realize I too could write the same kinds of stories I enjoyed reading. It's been a lot of fun learning the craft of writing books.

My first novel, Since the Sirens, takes place as a deadly plague ravages the city of St. Louis, Missouri. It's my hometown, so naturally I would use that as the basis to tear my world apart! My main characters are 104-year-old Martinette Peters and her 15-year-old great-grandson. Liam Peters may be young, but he believes in doing what's right. Rather than abandon his grandma during the collapse of the city, he tries to get her out. This first book is their story of escape.

I based the elderly character on my own grandmother, who recently passed away at the age of 104. This series of books, despite the dark setting, is my way of celebrating her bright life. My books have been well received by readers, though people either love or hate the religious undertones. I tried to faithfully portray how a deeply religious woman would act during the collapse of civil society. As such, it's a little different than your typical zombie book.

I've found a lot of success with the first volume as well as books 2 and 3. I'm currently writing a fourth book in the series.

Thank you for letting me share who I am with the IndieBoards community.

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