Meet Blair Gowrie - poet and novelist.

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Blair Gowrie is the pen-name of Roderick Macdonald and he writes poetry, novels, short stories, musical plays and song lyrics. His story, The Adventures of George, a wacky, humorous and satirical look at national leaders, politicians and celebrities in the form of a narrative poem, is now available as an Amazon Kindle edition at:- 

His poetry collection, Entertaining Verse Poems, poems that entertain without being banal, without being coarse, without being commonplace, without being trivial, and without being unoriginal, is available at:-
The topics are varied, the tone sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, sometimes reflective, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes descriptive, and sometimes romantic.

His novel, Martin's Journey, a fascinating and wonderful story where the normal becomes the paranormal, where time stands still, where dreams become reality, and where fiction becomes fact, is available at:-

Although Blair Gowrie (Roderick Macdonald) was born in Oxford, England, he has lived for most of his life in Thailand.