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My name is Tiffany Mason. I'm the author of the new book, The Power of Adversity- A Guide To Finding Your Greatest Gift In Life.  

I'm 25 years old and passionate about personal development. About 7 years ago, my world turned upside down when I was sexually molested and exploited. After that experience, I was faced at a cross road. I had the option of allowing this adversity to negativity impact the rest of my life or to view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. I decided to walk down the path of personal growth.

7 years later, here I am with my book, The Power of Adversity. This book is a self-help guide interwoven with a personal memoir. I share my personal journey of self healing. I also share practical strategies for women who are looking to overcome their challenges and start living a meaningful life.

I'm the founder of a lifestyle coaching firm, Mason Coaching and Consulting, where I work with professional women on work-life balance, self-care, and personal success. You can  learn more about me at

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