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Hello from South Florida

Good afternoon!  My name is Suki S. Miller and I've written a book.  Hmm...does it sound like a 12 step program intro?  

I am a native of and resident of South Florida and live here with my husband, our two Siamese cats, Mhysa and Mei Li, and our Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot, Sophie.  The 'author' job is a new one for me.   The website/blog is http://www.SukiSMiller.com .  

I've owned my own company for 10 years.  I'm a graphic artist, designer, and manager of the company, http://www.IslandImageDesign.com.  We serve local markets, but our main 'niche' is the dive industry.  Our customer base is essentially, dive shops, resorts and dive tour companies worldwide.    I'm 60 years old and have worked my entire life in various industries.  I tend to get bored when I get to the point I'm not learning something new.  Thus, I was in Banking for many years, the travel industry for some years, and the dive industry for some time.  I was once a managing editor for a magazine.  Bottom line, I've always been in management and sales and marketing in some form or another.  

I've always been a somewhat spiritual person.  The inspiration for this book came to me in my daily meditations.  I had gained weight after the second accident that mangled my spine, and limited my ability to move.  That came just after a few years of 'happy eating' where I'd met my husband and we ate our way through a town with over 250 restaurant licenses.   I'd called myself 'chunky' but it was more than that.  The problem was that all of the normal things I did, did not work to get rid of the weight.  

So in 2008 after the last accident, I began a journey to find out WHY the weight wouldn't go, even eating low-calorie, even moving (as much as I could at that time).  There were many hurdles, but with the help of the right testing and a marvelous integrated health professional, we solved every problem that presented itself.  But still, the weight was stubborn.

I began to meditate and voila!  It started to fall off.  Now, granted, this was a specific meditation that I designed for myself, but it still worked.

In my meditations, I was told to 'write' and to 'teach'.  I was flummoxed by that, since I'm not a writer nor a teacher.  But as the success of meditation become so noticeable that people I know were making a big deal of it, I realized that I was supposed to write about my journey in order to teach others to do the same for themselves.

So there you have it!  Now, though, this is a new world for me.  I'd been in sales and marketing for years, but have never promoted a book.  I'm struggling through this process and hoping to pick up help here on this board, and with the Facebook group.

Thanks for your help, folks!  I need it!