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Dylan Keefer is a web designer / developer by day and a writer by night. He’s basically a modern day superhero, using code and words to breathe creativity into reality. On a more serious note, he has been writing from a very young age and has always been pursuing the dream of writing professionally. Everything he does is in pursuit of that dream. He writes light-hearted as well as dark themed stories across multiple genres. His stories involve psychological struggles or moral dilemmas of the human condition. If you like those themes and the idea of questioning what it means to be human, then it won’t matter what genre the story is; he will make you a believer.


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Running with Wolves: The Aurora Chronicles

Lost in Space: One Lone Astronaut One Lost Space Traveler Two Ships Passing in the Night

A young girl age twelve embarks on an epic adventure to find answers to all the hidden questions surrounding who she is and how she came to be. She is innocent and selfless in her pursuit for answers and the truth behind her mysterious white hair.

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Running with Wolves: The Aurora Chronicles