D.H. Montgomery, the Author behind "Karma Dead Ahead"

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Karma Dead Ahead is the story of how two graduate students in a university paranormal research lab become accidental detectives as they go searching for a woman who fails to return from  her Caribbean vacation. They get help from a group of psychics known as the “Gang of Four” and a modern, hi-tech witch. The psychics reveal that a karmic debt from two hundred years ago has put the woman on a path to danger. After some brilliant deductions and twists and turns, the two detectives come face to face with a deranged killer and his intended latest victim. Just as karma set off the chain of events in the beginning, it also determines the dramatic outcome.

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The book has an unusual history. I had never written any fiction previously, not even a short story. My background was in math and engineering. I had written technical non-fiction books and many articles, so I did have writing experience of a different kind. After a near fatal illness, a series of paranormal events started to occur around me. By 2014, I had inexplicably started doing automatic writing in some odd foreign language. Poltergeist activity was starting to get out of hand in my home. Then in June, the entire 250 page novel "Karma Dead Ahead" suddenly popped into my mind in a flash. It was written down in only five weeks -- as fast as I could type. After it was finished, late one night a rather mean looking male ghost appeared in my apartment. Fortunately, he hasn't been back since.