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James M. Becher
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Let's start a new topic for any awards, badges or buttons won.
I'll start it with my 5 Star button, I recieved from Readers' Favorites for the following 5 Star review of my self-help success book, Principles of the Kingdom, God's Success Principles.  Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
Principles of the Kingdom (God's Success Principles) by James M. Becher offers good insights given by Jesus about the parables depicting the kingdom of heaven. It is said that the principles from the Bible, if followed properly, will lead to a successful life. The 17 chapters in this book deal with 17 of these principles such as: knowing the purpose of life, forgetting the past, believing, focusing, resting, sowing and reaping, conquering fears, giving and receiving, and many others that will motivate readers to make positive changes in their thinking, lifestyle, and endeavors.

Principles of the Kingdom is a good book that will help readers make changes that will make them happier and empowered. All 17 principles have been explained in detail, making it easy for readers to understand them. Every chapter has quotes from a famous person that is connected to the contents in the chapter. The author handles the subject in a manner that is neat and simple and makes it easy for readers to understand and enjoy it. It is a good book for all those readers who want to discover their divine purpose and set their goals accordingly. It can also be used in Bible classes and as a starting point to improve faith in God. Sometimes it is easy for readers to understand God when points are listed one by one and explained in that order and this book does that so that there is no need for readers to search for the messages hidden between the lines.

I just got another 5 Star review:

I received the following 5 star review of my American historical fiction novel from Reader's Favorites:
  Reviewed By Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite
The Christmas Victory: A Gem of a Sermon, All Wrapped Up in a Historical Novel by James M. Becher is a delightful gift edition of an uplifting story of Christmas and faith. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow hasn't felt the Christmas spirit since the death of his wife but that doesn't keep his children from trying to bring him cheer. He struggles more when his oldest, Charles, declares he wants to join the war and he immediately fears for his son's safety. Samuel Clemens goes on a journey to become Mark Twain and meets the lovely Olivia who becomes his wife. Mark's and Henry's lives overlap in interesting ways as the two men face unexpected tragedies throughout their lives and challenges in their uplifting discovery of faith. The story revolves around a sermon called “The Christmas Victory” and a poem called “Christmas Bells.”
James M. Becher's story is light and uplifting with a historical setting centered on two well-known writers who pull themselves out of tragedy and bleakness to find their faith. These known figures' stories are taken from biographical information but the story is fitted around Christmas. The story weaves between Henry and his son Charles, Mark Twain, and Jim Berk. They influence each other as their stories link together through their struggles and how they come to discover their faith in God. The historical backdrop is set during the war and the time of Lincoln but the focus is solely on lighter elements of the Christmas spirit, family, and faith. Becher centers on tragedies and uses the darkest moments in Mark's and Henry's lives to explore how to not give up on happiness and turn to their faith.
Christmas is the perfect time to set the story as it's a season for hope, belief, and family which blends perfectly into how the story progresses with Becher capturing cheer and melancholy in the tone. Becher uses “The Christmas Victory” to lead each of the characters toward the light and help them pull themselves out of the tragedies that have made them lose faith. Becher also includes a variety of colorful images throughout that add to the Christmas spirit, which is captured in the very meaning of Christmas found in the characters' struggles. The Christmas Victory would make the perfect gift to share with loved ones and is a story to enjoy as a family with its poignant themes of faith, family, and reconnection.

I just got another 5 star review from Reader's Favorite, this one for my literary historical fiction novel of Biblical and Roman times:

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite
     Of Such Is The Kingdom is a work of literary fiction subtitled ‘A Novel of Biblical Times in 3 Parts’, and was penned by author James M. Becher. Generally suitable for readers of all types, with the exception of a few violent scenes, this sweeping epic work takes on the historical ambiance of the Roman era and combines it with literary considerations that bring biblical times and stories to life. The central conflict of the novel focuses on Herod’s foster brother, Manaheem, a wayward non-conformist tasked to foment an insurrection against Pontius Pilate. The people he recruits for this ominous task have their own quests to undergo, and their own struggles to endure.
     A combination of powerful Christian fiction and compelling historical intrigue and drama, author James M. Becher has created a work which will suit many different tastes and approaches. The central plot with Manaheem and Barabbas showcases two very different men who find themselves in dire times, steeped with political intrigue and facing their own trials during the last days of Jesus Christ. Alongside this, many other figures are featured and given excellent character development to create a holistic view of ancient Palestine and its nature as a powder keg of intolerance and blood. Becher recounts some gory action moments superbly well and mediates these with tender, emotive scenes where his characters are put to the test to find their own deeper purpose. Overall, Of Such Is The Kingdom will satisfying readers on many inspiring and interesting levels.